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Reviews from our Guests

Can’t miss for Stephen King fans

It would take a review as long as one of Stephen’s novels to say everything I want to about this tour. I take A LOT of tours and this is the best one I’ve ever done. The guide, Jamie, is extremely knowledgeable, a great storyteller, and just great at what he does. It’s a family business that you can see is a passion for them. The family knows Stephen and had a history with him. They’re locals and you’ll get first hand info that is exclusive to this tour. I traveled to Florida just for this tour and it was well worth it. I’d do it again, and I will! Great for teens, mature kids, and adults.

***Thanks for the ride, Stu!***

Of all the places we visited and all the things we saw on our 3400-mile road trip between Wisconsin and the East coast, our tour with you last Friday was by FAR my favorite! Thank you for such a unique, personal experience. I’m on a mission to tuck away in my memory all of the interesting stuff you told us. 🙂 We already pulled out our “Langoliers” DVD to watch this week! I will share some of my photos from the tour here once I get them uploaded. Again, thank you for an experience I will NOT forget!

60th Birthday Present!

I’ve been a huge Stephen King fan my entire adult life but I live in NJ so for my 60th my husband and I took a trip up to Bangor so we could do the Stephen King Tour. It did not disappoint! What a great way to spend a few hours seeing some of the inspiration for Stephen King books and movies plus lots of fun information about Steve himself and what a cool person he is in real life. Definitely recommend!

Amazing time!

My husband and I had such a wonderful time on Jamie’s tour. He is incredibly well-versed in all things Stephen King, and beyond that, he is a great story teller himself. Let Jamie introduce you to Bangor and re-introduce you to Stephen King. Well worth the time!

I would go again and again

Thank you, Stu, for an amazing tour!!! So much information. So much background. So much fun. If you are a Stephen King fan, get the background on where King developed book ideas, movies were filmed, and inside information on the family and the wonderful city they obviously love. Bangor is an enchanting town. I hope to make it back again some day.

Best tour ever

Thank you for one of our best days in 2020! We went for our anniversary. Such a wonderful day out with wonderful people! Knowledge and laughter was had by all. If you get a chance to book you will get more than your monies worth!

I was lucky enough to get an advance preview when I was in Bangor and I absolutely loved it.
The tour covers all aspects of King fandom including the real world (the trailer park lot where King wrote CARRIE) and the unreal (the storm drain where we are first introduced to a certain sewer dwelling clown).

It’s clear Stu loves the subject matter and I can’t imagine anyone better qualified to conduct the tour — not only do you get to see all the sites but you get the story behind them; who would have thought that driving by a sign would be a highlight of my trip until Stu explained how it became the inspiration for one of King’s most infamous anti-heroes.

Definitely not to be missed if you’re visiting Bangor and worth planning a trip if you’re not. Highly recommended. – J.O – Canada

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