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Hi Stu!
We are back home in Georgia now.  Just wanted to thank you for an awesome tour and good memories.  We stopped by the jewelry store and purchased some “roof stuff” on our way out.  I appreciate that bit of knowledge.  We let the lady owner know that you referred us to her, and she was very pleased to hear that.  She took down your name and SK Tours, so maybe you will get some referrals from her.
I hope you enjoyed the play on Saturday night.  We enjoyed it on Sunday, but it was different than the original performance in Atlanta a couple years ago.  Wished you could have seen the original — much more elaborate set, which added a lot to the performance.
Finally, and most importantly, THANK YOU so much for the Dysart’s suggestion.  My goodness… that place is awesome!  We ended up back there three times during our stay, and I had the blueberry pie twice.  Absolutely amazing!
Thanks, again, for your time and conversation.  You played a large role in our bank of memories from the trip.  If we get to come back to Maine for another visit, you will be my first reservation to make.
Take care,
Shea and Amy

***Thanks for the ride, Stu!***

Of all the places we visited and all the things we saw on our 3400-mile road trip between Wisconsin and the East coast, our tour with you last Friday was by FAR my favorite! Thank you for such a unique, personal experience. I’m on a mission to tuck away in my memory all of the interesting stuff you told us. 🙂 We already pulled out our “Langoliers” DVD to watch this week! I will share some of my photos from the tour here once I get them uploaded. Again, thank you for an experience I will NOT forget!

This is a totally awesome tour. Stu is great and makes the tour even more enjoyable. Don’t miss it!!

Terrific tour. We had a blast! Thanks so much, Stu.

Hey Stu. Thanks for the awesome tour of Bangor. I will be back with my girlfriend soon. Take care.

Hi, Stu! My wife and I had a great time on the tour Thursday! You made Bangor seem like home to us. We didn’t want to leave. We will definitely be back! Thanks again!

Almost a year later and we are still talking about our SK tour! Thanks again for the memories.

Hi Stu – just wanted to say again what an awesome time we had on the tour this past Sunday. It certainly added a lot to the Stephen King experience and we will recommend it to all of our friends on their next trip to Bangor.

Hi Stu
Had an absolute brilliant day on your tour yesterday really can’t believe I was actually there! I keep looking at the photos 😉 keep up the great work.

I just wanted to drop you note and tell you what a great time we had with SK Tours! Of our entire week in Maine, it was the unanimous hit and the one I find sharing most with friends and coworkers.
If you recall, you asked me if I had read 11-22-63 and I said that I had it, but I had not read it yet. Well, I am happy to report that upon returning home, I devoured it! It was SOOO cool that Jake Epping/ George Amberson travels to Derry… AND I WAS JUST THERE!!! l witnessed some of those places too. Only a week or so ago. It was so cool!
Thanks for a great time!

A group of us took this tour – that is us in the Standpipe picture! (above) I have to say, it was AWESOME! It was all the little details and Stu’s personal experiences with Stephen King that made it feel really personal and great. Stu went above and beyond to accommodate our group and we all had a blast! Be SURE to check it out if you are anywhere near Bangor. You won’t regret it!! – D. P-H – USA

I would recommend this tour to all Stephen King fans and researchers/students alike. I am currently studying King’s work and found the tour really useful in terms of bringing the locations in the novels to life. Stu’s personal recollections of Stephen King and the local area also added another dimension to the tour. He was also happy to advise on local hotels and directions to Bangor. Excellent! Thanks Stu. – A. L – UK

We loved the tour. The rain made it that much more SKish. I pulled books off the shelfwhen I got back to MN and I am going back through my collection. Time well spent. Great meeting you!  – D.B. – MN

Thanks Stu for the fabulous Stephen King tour. That’s all we talked on our 2 hour drive back to Portland. Back home I will post some of our pictures taken during your tour. Whenever you will have a souvenir mug coming out let us know and we will order one for sure. Your guided tour will rank among our top souvenir of our trip to Maine. –  F.F & S.P – Canada

Thanks for a fantastic tour yesterday Stu, we had a great time and it was lovely to meet you. Ashley can’t wait to start reading her 1st Stephen King book! – H.P. – UK

Tim and I had a great time on the tour on Saturday and we are so happy that it was a part of one of the happiest days of our lives. – B.D. – MA

I was lucky enough to get an advance preview when I was in Bangor and I absolutely loved it.
The tour covers all aspects of King fandom including the real world (the trailer park lot where King wrote CARRIE) and the unreal (the storm drain where we are first introduced to a certain sewer dwelling clown).
It’s clear Stu loves the subject
matter and I can’t imagine anyone better qualified to conduct the tour — not only do you get to see all the sites but you get the story behind them; who would have thought that driving by a sign would be a highlight of my trip until Stu explained how it became the inspiration for one of King’s most infamous anti-heroes.
Definitely not to be missed if you’re visiting Bangor and worth planning a trip if you’re not.
Highly recommended.
– J.O – Canada

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During a SK Tours of Maine tour, you’ll see about 30 places where Stephen King has lived and worked, places that have inspired his stories, and actual film locations from his movies. We have been Stephen King fans since 1974 when Carrie was first published and bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every tour of “Derry.”


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