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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you maintain a waiting/cancellation list?
– We do not. Cancellations are so rare, and usually on such short notice, that we can’t contact people in time to let them get to the tour on time. As many times as we’ve tried to maintain a list for each day and cancellation, it just doesn’t work. It’s not fair for people to get their hopes up that there might be a cancellation.

Is there any way to meet or contact Stephen King through SK Tours?
– No. SK Tours is not an avenue to contact or send messages to the King family.

Can I take a tour of the King house?
– No. Unfortunately, a magazine published an article online stating that tours of the King home are available. That is not the case. The King home is not open to the public.

Is there a Stephen King museum?
– No. Unfortunately, a handful of magazines published articles online stating that the King home was going to be converted to a museum. That is not the case. There is no Stephen King museum in the works.

Can I bring my dog on the tour with me?
– Yes. You can bring your pets on private tours only. We understand that traveling with pets is important, so please plan as far in advance as possible to schedule a private tour so you can bring you pets.

I’m a blogger/vlogger/podcaster/influencer. Can I take the tour to create content for my audience?
– Yes. Please book a private tour so we can make time for photos, questions, and content discussions. The regular tour is not going to meet the needs for this audience.

Can I bring children on the tour with me?
– Yes. Since the content of a Stephen King tour is primarily for adults, limited seats for children are available on the public afternoon tours. If you have young children and are concerned about the content of the tour, we highly recommend a private tour so the content can be adjusted for younger eyes and ears.

Are there chances to get out and take pictures while on the tour?
– Yes. There are spots to get out of the bus and take pictures. Since this is primarily a driving and talking tour, we have a lot to cover during our time together. Private tours afford a better opportunity to take pictures since time is less of an issue with a smaller group and smaller vehicle.

Will I see Stephen King while on the tour?
– Probably not. Sightings of the King family are not guaranteed and exceedingly rare. Also, approaching the King family while on our tour is actively discouraged. Let’s give the Kings a little privacy.

Are your vehicles handicapped accessible?
– Not yet. We’re working on upgrading vehicles as soon as possible.


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