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The Derry, Maine Tour

Quick Details

Please note: This tour is often fully booked a month in advance during the peak tourist season. We recommend booking as early as possible.

When:  Times vary seasonally.  Please click on the calendar for “real-time” availability.

Where:  All public tours depart from the Movie Rocket Entertainment Center at 268 Odlin Road in Bangor.

Who: All are welcome, but due to the mild adult content and duration, this tour may not be appropriate for younger children. If traveling with children, please consider a private tour.  Pets are not allowed on the public tour.  The comfort and safety of everyone on the tour is important to us and we are aware some people have allergy issues or anxiety issues. Service dogs (not support dogs) are welcome on all of our tours.

What to expect:  Weather permitting, there are a few locations where the bus stops and the tour continues on foot.  The distance we cover on foot is minimal but is also always optional If you have serious mobility concerns, please consider a private tour where we will be better able to meet your specific needs.  Please dress for the weather and we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Duration:  The length of the tour will vary from 2.5 to 3 hours. Weather, traffic conditions, and size of the tour group will impact how long the tour lasts. If you are concerned about the length of the tour, a private tour might be a better option. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

This tour does not include access to the King house.  The King house is the location of the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation and is not open to the public. 


Adult Ages 11+
Child Ages 10 and under

The Derry, Maine Tour

Come join us for a 2.5+ hour, narrated, bus driven tour of Stephen King’s Derry, Maine. We will visit various locations where Stephen King has lived, worked, places that have inspired his stories, film location, and we will discuss the many charitable contributions from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation to our fair city.

Derry, Maine is a fictional town based on Stephen King’s long-time hometown of Bangor, Maine, and has been mentioned in various books and short stories, including IT, Insomnia, 11/22/63, and Bag of Bones.

With the exception of a few name changes, the maps of Derry and Bangor are quite similar. With its landmarks, clear book and movie references, and accurate history, Derry is a place where King fans can come and see their favorite works comes to life.

Welcome to Derry. Let us show you around.